Engaging Experiences Across Devices

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Are you getting thumbs-ups from people visiting your website, blogs, social sites & biz apps? It’s all about delivering positive experiences to visitors by meeting their expectations. How do you do that? By delivering the right stuff to the right people at the right time! That sounds easy enough… Well, turns out, it’s not so easy to do.

it is not so simple to implement the core elements of positive experiences since we are dealing with emotional responses and everyone reacts differently. There are however, common elements that people seem to like. Those include quality content, intuitive navigation and simple design thus allowing users to respond with minimal effort and time.

With the proliferation of devices, it has become increasingly complex to develop and deliver effective experiences across devices. Regardeless of how much the development process has changed, digital communication success still hinges on the overall experience gained by the user.

Users want value from their web experiences! That means giving them something that is compelling, easy to use, and worthy of their time and attention.

Content, Design, and Interaction Matters

Creating engaging customer experiences is not rocket science but it does involve implementing a combination of success factors. The goal is to attract people by meeting their expectations through standardized processes and effective use of technology. As a start, here are a few factors that we need to consider:

People tend to rate their experiences based on their expectations so it is essential to connect with them to find out if their expectations are met and if not, what can be done to meet customer expectations and in so doing, deliver value to gain long-term relationships.

At Contenta, we help you in standing out from the crowd with a well-defined brand and corporate identity, but that’s not all. We assist you in attracting and retaining a base of people who value your products and services on an on-going basis. This is done through smart Experience Design (UX/CMX). When it comes to delivering engaging experiences, strategy shows!

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CIO, Contenta Web Services - Louise Lalonde-Morin is an innovative and creative Web Projects Manager with 20+ years of experience developing web business solutions for small and medium-size organizations. Louise delivers the right mix of Business, Content, and Design.