Building an Effective Network of TouchPoints

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Companies that are well poised for the future have an effective network of TouchPoints! TouchPoints? Yes, those are the many ways that people can interact with a company. A commonly used TouchPoint is a Phone line, commonly used to “get in touch” with a company.

From a company’s perspective, TouchPoints are all of the different mediums used to interact with customers and for customers to interact with the company. Interaction could be in the form of a conversation, a purchase, a shared publication, a printed brochure, a reply, a comment, etc. There are a multitude of TouchPoints and with the rapidly changing digital environment, more and more TouchPoint medium are available.

Touch Point Medium Advantage / Disadvantage

Advertising Costly to produce, potentially high viewer reach, impersonal, potential customer unidentifiable, visuals enhance a company’s brand.
E-Mail Marketing Somewhat costly to produce effective content on a consistent basis, message aimed at a specific audience, potential customer identifiable, action-taken analytics available, may provide feedback
Personal Interaction Face-to-face interaction is often the most costly interaction but it is linked to higher "action-taken" results. One-to-one conversations have good conversion rates.
Social Media Sites Somewhat costly to effectively maintain on an on-going-basis (although almost free to set-up). User identifiable (but may or may not be as identified), option for one-to-one conversations, potential for easily building business relationships. Over time, build customer loyalty to brand.
Social Events Attracts your intended audience, Potential attendee may or may not be indentified, Opportunity for one-to-one conversations, ideal venue to deliver new message, builds customer loyalty, costly to organize and host, Good action conversion rates.
Snail Mail Costly to produce, to distribute, Reaches an identifiable potential customer, fairly costly follow-up re. action, good to generate interest in products / services
Land / Mobile Phones Easy access, Fairly inexpensive, high user base, one-to-one communication, customer not always identifiable, reliable medium.
Companies that have an effective network of TouchPoints achieve best results. It is important to determine your company’s ideal mix of TouchPoints and to allocate appropriate resources to build and maintain these “mission-critical” TouchPoints.

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CIO, Contenta Web Services - Louise Lalonde-Morin is an innovative and creative Web Projects Manager with 20+ years of experience developing web business solutions for small and medium-size organizations. Louise delivers the right mix of Business, Content, and Design.