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Contenta Web Design and Development

At Contenta, we deliver the right blend of Business, Content and Design. Our greatest strength lies in our knowledge and acquired experience.

What’s the key to our success? In short, keeping everything simple, compelling and effective! Developing solutions customized to your needs plays a crucial role. We make the web and the mobile world, work for you. We monitor results to ensure that your return on investments are maximized and expectations met. Contenta goes to great lenghts to create business strategies and blueprints and to deliver effective solutions meeting specs.

Contenta was founded by Louise Lalonde-Morin, current CIO and IT/IS Projects Manager.

At your service are skilled web designers and developers who play valuable roles in the development and deployment of your websites and apps. We use the following technologies and software applications to develop your Web Business Solutions.

  • PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion
  • MySQL, MS-Access, MS-SQL
  • JavaScript, AJAX
  • JQuery
  • CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Adobe CC: Dreamweaver, Photoshop
  • InDesign, Contribute, Illustrator, …
  • Microsoft Office:
    . Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access

We foster open lines of communication. We treat everyone with respect and encourage discussion on issues. Prior to accepting projects, we take time to listen and understand the issues and scope of the project. We prepare detailed plans with measurable performance indicators.

Web Development Project MethodologyWe believe that the real value of projects lie not in plans but in implementation. We, along with our clients, participate in all phases of IT projects rollout (Table 1).

In problem solving situations, we identify critical priorities and the action steps needed to ensure that results are quickly obtained. We work with clients to determine any constraints or bottlenecks and then determine the key drivers and resources needed to address key issues. We believe that recommendations must be made, and decisions taken based upon a careful understanding of the facts and all known options.

Table 1 – Phases of IT Projects Rollout

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