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BizApps are similar to computer software programs that perform specific functions and in some cases, return answers. The main difference is that Apps do not need to be installed on your PC to work. They get their “brains” from the server that they are on and work with your installed browsers (eg. Firefox, Chrome, IE)

Contenta’s Portfolio of Business Applications

BizApps - Contenta portfolio
BizApps - Contenta portfolio

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A BizApp is an application that is accessed with a Web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. In contrast to client-side software (that need to be installed on local PCs) BizApps can be upgraded with new components without requiring upgrades on each workstation using the application. This results in lower support cost and increased productivity.

In summary, BizApps are:

  • Ready-made online solutions to suit a variety of business needs
  • Similar to business software except you do not install a program on your computer.
  • The program (application) runs from a server and you pay either a flat fee for development
    or a development fee plus a monthly fee to "lease" the application 

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