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We often hear “Content is King”. So True! Have you ever visited a website and thought, what is this site about? What are they offering? Where do I go next? No matter how elegant a site is, written or spoken Content is what draws people and compells them to act.

Content creation is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face. Let’s face it… Time and money are common constraints, but they are not the only setbacks. Having a well planned Content strategy that supports the organisation’s goals is critical whether you’re part of a large corporation searching for ways to extend your global reach or a one-person online business getting your feet wet in online delivery.

In its short video presented below, Coca-Cola provides an informative overview of its attempt at creating an effective Content Strategy. ( Part One) / (Part Two)

Contenta crafts quality contentWeb Content creators are increasingly choosing non-textual methods such as audio podcasts, webinars, videos, animated slide presentations & infographics.
Articles, blogs, magazines, eBooks, e-Newsletters and other online publications are still widely disseminated though. The key to effective Content is combining the message with the right visuals. It’s not so much throwing everything and the kitchen sink into every article or even blog post, but in finding the right method and balance to get the message across. Understanding what your business is trying to do will go a long way towards producing Content that will serve you best.

Articles / Blogs: Articles, whether in the form of posts to blogs or submitted to online magazines and publications are still the most effective means of promoting your business through digital Content marketing. Good Content means more than just telling people you exist. You should also offer valuable information that potential customers can use. Producing quality content in the form of regular posts and articles is key to building the solid base of customers you need to generate profits.

Video: Video has certainly come a long way in only a few years. Effective video marketing means creating good video content that is short and to the point. The very nature of video requires more planning than creating a typical article due to time-consuming edits. What people see shapes their view of your business so it is essential to get it right.

eBooks: The eBook is an effective way to provide information that can be sold at a very low cost to customers. Your articles, posts and other published information should be used to establish your business reputation to facilitate eBook sales.

e-Newsletters: The “up-sale” is when you sell to the same customer again and again. These are generally the easiest, most cost-efficient sales you can make. e-Newsletters put out on a regular basis, for example once a month is a good way to keep in contact with customers and inform them of your latest products and services.

Brian Clark from shares an interesting Inofgraphic entitled “22 Ways to Create Compelling Content”.
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Contenta relies on the skills of experienced professionals to help you to reach-out to specific audiences by creating and publishing Content that works.

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