Web Design & Development

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Contenta’s Portfolio of Web Design & Development projects:

Web Design & Development - Contenta portfolio
Web Design & Development - Contenta portfolio

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Most of our web projects followed a logical flow of development.

Here’s a general order of the phases completed: Needs Analysis (planning), Contract negotiations, Design, Construct (development), Testing, Launch, Post-launch maintenance and metrics. Typical tasks include:

  • Web project planning
  • Defining market and audience
  • Gathering/creating content
  • Selecting tools (user-friendliness)
  • Defining the site’s Look and Feel
  • Mocking up the Design
  • Slicing and Optimizing Graphics
  • Developing the site (navigation, images, links, lists, …)
  • Styling the site with CSS (to match corporate branding)
  • Creating Web layouts (templates)
  • Making pages interactive
  • Quality assurance, accessibility testing, validation
  • Publishing the site
  • Search Engine Optimization, maintenance, metrics

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CIO, Contenta Web Services - Louise Lalonde-Morin is an innovative and creative Web Projects Manager with 20+ years of experience developing web business solutions for small and medium-size organizations. Louise delivers the right mix of Business, Content, and Design.