Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

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SaaS is sometimes referred to as “On-demand Software”. It is a service delivery model in which the use of the software (or online application) and the storage of data is being provided by an external Service provider.

Contenta’s portfolio of SaaS:

SaaS - Contenta portfolio

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SaaS is a software application that is normally accessed with a Web browser (Eg. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera…) over a network such as the Internet or an Intranet. SaaS is usually made available by Application Service Providers (ASPs)

What are the benefits of purchasing SaaS from an ASP?

  • You do not incur the full development cost of the application
  • You pay a minimal fee based on a monthly rate or on a volume-based measure(eg. Online sales orders processed)
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing models
  • You do not “worry” about technical issues to make your business application work
  • You do not need to purchase or upgrade software on your computer
  • Web Applications can be developed to meet your customized business requirements.

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