Games Development

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Online game development is a process that starts from an idea or concept. From that, we produce a game proposal document that contains the concept, how to play, a features list, the setting and story, the target audience, requirements and schedule along with proposed staff and budget estimates. Project management is conducted similarly to any web project.

Games Development - Contenta portfolio

Game development projects require good project management and information sharing with all stakeholders. There are usually many people involved, each with different expectations of how the game should look and be played. Tasks involved are similar to those of any web project, including:

  • Game project planning, storyboarding
  • Defining market and audience
  • Defining the game’s objective
  • Defining the game’s Look and Feel
  • Mocking up the design
  • Slicing and optimizing graphics
  • Developing the game (rules for features)
  • Creating layouts (templates)
  • Making the game interactive
  • Programming to keep score
  • Quality assurance, accessibility testing, validation
  • Promoting the game

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