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When we think of design, our first thought often focuses on the graphical aspect, the easthetics or look-good component. But design is much more than that. It involves defining a general concept so that people easily understand it. Design is a planning activity with a creative mix thrown in to create products and services that people can easily relate to. They quickly get what the item or service is about. Good design is intuitive.

The following video is produced by PBS Digital Studios (PBSoffbook)

The Art of Web Design

Designing the User Experience Responsive Web Design (RD) The proliferation of smart phones and tablets have had a significant impact on Web Design. Gone are the days when web designers create something once to publish it everywhere. Different screen sizes result in content being displayed differently across mobile devices – unless coding has been inserted to detect the device and adapt content display accordingly.

User Experience Design (UX) is another new term now commonly used in Web Services however, the tasks performed in this activity have remained fairly constant. The goal of UX is to deliver a positive experience for the user. Elements that contribute to the users’ overall experience include the Visual Design, the Information Infrastructure, the Interaction Design, Usability and Accessibility. Worth noting though, quality Content remains the number one contributor to a positive web or mobile experience.

Zoom-in on UX tasks. This PDF document was produced by the Usability Professionals’ Association.

At Contenta, a significant portion of our time is allocated to design. We specialize in the following Design functions.:
  • Advertising Design (Banners, Ads…)
  • Communications Design (Newsletters, Publications…)
  • Conceptual Design (Assessments, Needs, Strategy…)
  • Database Design (Relational Dataflow Diagrams…)
  • Digital Illustrations (Icons, Flash Components…)
  • Graphical Design (Logos, WordPress Themes…)
  • Information Design (Infographics, Powerpoint…)
  • Instructional Design (Diagrams, Programs…)
  • Photography (Image optimization, manipulation…)
  • Process Design (Process Flow Diagrams, Methodology Id…)
  • Responsive Web Design (Programming, Testing…)
  • Typography (Font selection, CSS for consistency…)
  • User Experience Design (Info. Structuring, Usability assess)
  • User Interface Design (Web/App Look & Feel, Colours…)
  • Web Design (Assessments, Strategy, Mockups…)
  • Web & Apps Development Design (Wireframes, CSS…)

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