Quality content generating positive results

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There was a time when the visual aspect of a website was its key success factor. Things have changed! Quality Content is now the most important feature to attract and retain visitors. In a previous post, we discussed what is considered to be quality content. It is one thing to offer quality content, another to have it generate positive results. What do we consider to be Positive Results? Have a look at the table below. Add to it via Comments below.
Positive Results Quality Content
  • happy visitors
  • returning visitors
  • visitors displaying an interest (follow/like/subscribe/sign-up,…)
  • visitors who invite others to join your brand
  • visitors who provide feedback or comments
  • Visitors who do business with your company
  • adresses an identified need
  • creates buzz, maintains interest
  • fun, informative, consistently deliverd
  • attracts the right audience
  • builds a social network
  • allows your company to gather customer info
  • client relationships, increases sales
  • Happiness is Sharing your Content!

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    CIO, Contenta Web Services - Louise Lalonde-Morin is an innovative and creative Web Projects Manager with 20+ years of experience developing web business solutions for small and medium-size organizations. Louise delivers the right mix of Business, Content, and Design.