Continuous Learning is part of being a Web Developer

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Operating a Web Development business is not for the faint of heart. Everything changes very quickly and Designers and Developers have to keep abreast of new technologies. Gone are days when you graduated with a diploma or degree and coasted with that knowledge for the rest of your career. We are now faced with a never-ending learning curve and businesses that deliver web services or web apps have to acknowledge that and budget accordingly. Continuous Learning has become the norm.

Continuous Learning involves:

  • Taking responsibility for educating yourself
  • Reading books, following blogs
  • Attending industry-driven conferences and seminars
  • Learning by doing, completing tutorials
  • Surrounding yourself with smart & talented people
  • Sharing what you’ve learned with others
  • Asking for advice when you need it
  • Having fun, developing a liking for on-going training

Continuous Learning

Bearing in mind that client feedback is often shaped by the quality of our perceived knowledge and skills, a strong commitment to a culture of continuous learning makes good business sense. Sure it is costly to purchase courses, conferences and the like for team members. But it is much more costly to “wing-it” and deliver products and services that are not up-to-par or delivered late. In some cases, it may even mean the loss of a client, diminished trust, and not so good testimonials. In much the same way that no one wants a non-trained Dentist to work on their teeth, no one wants to work with a Web Developer who does not have what it takes to complete the job well.

As the Web continues to evolve and change our society in ways we never thought possible, we are seeing a proliferation of online programming courses, and this, for all age groups, across borders. But programming is just one component of the needed skillset and Web Designers/Developers need more than that. They also need business acumen, communication skills and collaboration skills. You may think that it is unreasonable to expect such a varied skillset from anyone. Not so. In today’s economy, we all need a wide array of knowledge and many candidates have become proficient in more than one core skill.

At Contenta, training is like eating. We do it everyday. It’s not that we like it to the core, more so, we like the confidence and expertise that it generates. It is part of our corporate culture and a key success factor. After all, the more knowledge we have, the more easily we are able to help clients with their own understanding and in so doing, we become facilitators of their success.

So to all I say, “Keep on learning, my friends”! It will serve you well. Next to Experience, Knowledge is Trump. :)

Happiness is Sharing your Content!

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CIO, Contenta Web Services - Louise Lalonde-Morin is an innovative and creative Web Projects Manager with 20+ years of experience developing web business solutions for small and medium-size organizations. Louise delivers the right mix of Business, Content, and Design.

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