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There’s no better way to learn a new technology than to becoming a user. Gotta say, WordPress takes a tad of “getting used to”, mainly to set-up the look that you want and to incorporate appropriate functionality. It is pretty user friendly though, so no worries. I started with an existing theme but it didn’t quite have what I needed so I had to get familiar with plug-ins, widgets and all those fun hunks of code. That was a wonderful discovery. When I think of the amount of coding that we traditionally developed to add functionality for special elements, it is amazing to see how easy it is to integrate functions in WordPress.

I took a couple of WordPress courses to learn how to created new themes, how to customize themes for mobile environments, and how to secure WordPress sites and let me tell you, they came in handy. A few weeks after installing this WordPress site on a development server, it was hacked and my ISP informed me that they did not offer WordPress support so I reverted to my notes! It’s one thing to do a class assignment but another to work on the real stuff. I successfully closed security loops, installed new security plugins and widgets. Site back-ups are now automated and come in via my DropBox app. All good. I’m hesitating switching to another ISP for WP support because they handle all of my other stuff so well.

There are benefits to having a traditional HTML website, but I’m seeing more and more benefits to having a Hybrid Web solution, one that includes both a WordPress site and an HTML5 site.

Next-up is getting french sliders and images to appear properly in the French version of this blog site. Haven’t quite figured that one out just yet but am working on it. Blogs and to some extent, websites are always works in progress so don’t let that hold you back from making it live.

Help me, help you. Please let me know what you would like to hear about.

This is such a wonderful time to be in the Web Business. ツ


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