Biz Apps rule the world. Are they working well for your business?

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What are Biz Apps?

Biz Apps (ie. Business Applications) are business software programs that perform specific functions and provide answers.

A Biz App is accessed with a web or mobile browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. In contrast to client-side software (that need to be installed on your PCs) BizApps can be upgraded with new components without requiring upgrades on each workstation using the application. This results in lower support cost and increased productivity.

Web Apps Rule

Biz Apps Rule the World

In summary, Biz Apps are:

• Ready-made online solutions to suit a variety of business needs
• Similar to business software except you do not install a program on your computer.
• The program (application) runs from our server and you pay a monthly fee to “lease” the application from us.

Google offers a wide range of Apps, not necessarily business related. Here is a video with more information on Apps offered by Google.

Part 1: What’s a Web App?
Part 2: Millions of Apps in Google’s Chrome Store
Part 3: Sample Web Apps from the Chrome Store

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